Save the Offer Details

Section 03 - Lesson 10

Save the offer page as proof.

Now that you have a freshly created docket folder, it's time to save a few things into it. If you haven't created a docket folder do it now.

When you decide to run an offer, save the offer page that's displayed on the affiliate network to your computer. On the Mac, save the page as a web archive. This saves all the text and graphics. Alternately, you could do screenshots using Snagit or similar software.

Saving the offer page is important, so do not skip this step. You might need proof of the original offer conditions later.

For example, sometimes an offer will start with no restrictions. A week later, it may disallow search advertising, social media or bidding on their brand name. The affiliate networks don't always notify affiliates of these changes.

Sometimes the merchant will get upset and want to ban you from running the offer. But if you can prove that you were playing by the original rules, the affiliate network will back you up and ensure that you get paid.

The offer page also contains your affiliate links, geographic regions the campaign can run in, the types of advertising that can be used, and other data about the offer. If you have them on your computer, you don't need to log into the affiliate network each time to retrieve them.

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