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Section 03 - Lesson 15

Keep all links on a campaign log sheet.

This is the last step in the pre-campaign checklist, before moving on to write the ads and set up the campaign on the WADS. You'll need the affiliate links - and if you're using them - tracking links and retargeting links.

At this point, you've already tested the affiliate links to be sure they work. Now copy and paste them into the "log sheet" text document in your docket folder. This allows you to have quick access to them, without having to log into the affiliate network.

If using a tracking service like TrackingDesk or Voluum, you'll need to configure your affiliate link to their way of doing things. Same deal if you're using self hosting click tracking like Tracking202.

All I use is a simple redirect in an htaccess file. (You can find out more about the htaccess file in the "Prep" section.) Lastly, add the redirect URLs to your campaign log sheet in the docket folder.

If using a retargeting service, some of them have a very unique feature called ROC (retarget on click). That means the prospect can be retargeted the moment they click the PPC ad. They don't need to hit a landing page to have the retargeting cookie set.

You'll need visit the retargeting service and set up a ROC campaign first. After the ROC is set up, grab your affiliate link and paste it into the ROC campaign. The service will then give you a special URL to use in your ads.

I didn’t get there by wishing for it, or hoping for it, but by working for it.

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