Decide What to Run

Section 03 - Lesson 08

Decide which offers that you want to run.

Now that you've looked at all the new offers, merchant sales pages, keywords, competition and bid prices, it is time to decide which offers to run. Ideally they should match the content of your website. Selling car loans on a nutrition site won't work.

The decision tree looks like this:

  1. It's a good offer with few or no restrictions.
  2. You can bid on the brandname and domain name.
  3. You can direct link from search ad to the offer.
  4. The landing page is optional. (Build after testing offer.)
  5. The affiliate links and merchant's sales page look good.
  6. The offer is a good match for your website content.
If you can answer yes to all the above. Get into action.

Usually the first person to bid on an offer gets grandfathered in to the top spot. Then it is up to the competitors to outbid you, get a better quality score, more relevant lander, more clicks, less bounce back, or whatever the WADS quality metric is. They have to earn it.

So if you see something new and interesting, start a campaign for it, before looking at more offers, or affiliate networks. It's all about speed. Write two quick ads and get them running in a single ad group, bidding on the top 4-5 keywords. Even throw together a quick landing page using a template, if the merchant requires one.

Don't worry about the details. Once the first ads are running and you have all the new campaigns set up for the day, go back and add the polish. Spend more time on the merchant site, do proper market research, add more ads, ad groups, keywords, negative keyword lists, landing pages, etc, later in the day.

At this stage of the day, it's very much a "ready, fire, aim" approach. If an offer is a flop and it doesn't convert, you want to know quickly, without too much time, money or effort put into it.

You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take.

Wayne Gretzky

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