Block the Affiliate Network

Section 03 - Lesson 14

Keep all your campaign details a secret.

Find the affiliate network's head office and block your ads from showing up in their geographical area. It prevents them from "accidentally" telling another affiliate, or merchant, about your marketing efforts.

Affiliate managers love to give tips to their affiliates, but by helping others, it can have a negative effect on your earnings, if they accidentally share intel about your ads and landing pages. So don't ever share your campaigns, unless you are required to send them in for approval by the merchant.

I don't do those types of offers though. I've learned from experience, that merchants who must approve ads and landers before you can use them, aren't worth dealing with. An exception might be a financial offer, where you're using their application API software, or a similar circumstance.

Yes, the affiliate network knows how much money you earn because they pay your commission, but never share "HOW" you do it. Not with your affiliate manager, another affiliate, a conference attendee or anyone else. Keep it a secret.

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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