Name the Campaign

Section 04 - Lesson 05

Organize campaigns for easy management.

Eventually you're going to have a lot of campaigns running, paused, stopped, or in the process of getting set up. Finding information quickly buys you time, so come up with a filing system from the start.

I include a code for the affiliate network, the offer number for easy referrals and the offer name. In the example below, MBY means MaxBounty, 12345 is the offer number on their network, and Big Loans Today is the offer / campaign name.

MBY 12345 Big Loans Today

SAS 224563 Happy Nutrition

AVL 128733 Golf Clothes

This groups all the campaigns from each affiliate network together in the WADS and on my computer. It also makes them easy to find being alphabetical. So now when the affiliate network notifies you of changes to offers, they are easy to find and adjust.

But don't delete a campaign if the offer suddenly gets cancelled. Pause it instead. It may come back in a week, or it may have moved to a new affiliate network, and all you need is a new affiliate link to paste into your redirect.

Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.

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