Create the Ad Groups

Section 04 - Lesson 16

To get higher quality scores, name the ad groups so they match the ad content.

Most WADS have a filing structure similar to filing cabinets, with files inside folders, and folders inside drawers. Think of the campaign as the filing drawer, the ad groups as folders, and the ads like papers inside the folders.

In the example below, our fictional campaign name has three components. SAS stands for ShareASale. 224563 is the offer ID. Happy Sleep is the merchant's product. Each of the items under the campaign are ad groups. Inside the groups are the individual ads.

SAS 224563 Happy Sleep

Insomnia Treatment (Ad Group 1)

Ad 1

Ad 2

Natural Sleep Aid (Ad Group 2)

Ad 1

Ad 2

Sleeping Aid (Ad Group 3)

Fall Asleep (Ad Group 4)

Sleep Better (Ad Group 5)

Happy Sleep (Ad Group 6)

Be sure that the ad group title is tightly themed to the ads it contains. For example, every ad in the Insomnia Treatment Group 1 should contain the keywords Insomnia Treatment in the ad title and body like this:

Sample Ad 1

Insomnia Treatment
All Natural Insomnia Treatment
Clinically Proven. 100% Safe. Order Now!

Samle Ad 2

Insomnia Treatment
Need Sleep? Try Happy Sleep 100%
Natural Insomnia Treatment. Order Now!

Then do the same for the keyword phrase "natural sleep aid" in Group 2, putting the keywords in the ad title and body. Follow this formula for Bing or Google and it dramatically improves the quality score.

Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.

Bill Bernbach

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