Set the Keyword Bid Prices

Section 04 - Lesson 18

Bid high until you know your quality score.

When it comes to PPC advertising, be ready to bid high and have nerves of steel. You must be willing to bid high, at least until your quality score is determined by the WADS algorithm. (Not all WADS use quality scores, but Bing and Google do.)

The goal is to bump the competition off and secure a top three spot in search results. If there are no competitors, you can lock down top spot. Then it's up to the competitors to try and knock you out of it.

With Bing and Google, the high bid is a sign of confidence, but in reality, you'll only pay slightly more per click than the top competitor. If your bid is high, and the PPC ad tightly matches the landing page, which matches the merchant's sales page, you'll get a high quality score.

If the bid price is insane, and there's no way you can outbid the top results, aim for Bing's sidebar instead. At least your ad will show up on the first page of search results. Once you get the numbers from a few conversions, you'll know if the offer will be profitable or not.

And remember that CSV keyword file? The one with the actual bid prices on it? You downloaded it earlier and put it in your Docket Folder. Once you have your quality score, you can reduce your bids to just a fraction higher than your competitors and maintain your top spot, because you know the real top bid price.

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