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Section 04 - Lesson 15

Explanations of advanced PPC & CPM campaign settings.

Website Exclusions

These are the websites and IP addresses where you do not want your ads to appear. Some WADS allow you to enter wild cards, blocking subdomains, or any domain containing a certain keyword, which can be useful for blocking entire franchises, or competitors from seeing your ads.

The affiliate network and the merchant were already blocked at the geographical level. If you want to be extra sure, you could block their IP addresses too, but it's not likely to be effective, because few companies have their website servers and internet access for employees on the same IP address.

Flight / Run Dates

The flight date is the start and end date of a campaign. This is useful for seasonal items, holidays, sporting events and special occasions.

Things like tickets sell prior to the event. Flowers peak a few days before Mother's day. Halloween campaigns usually stop October 30. (I say usually but I've had sweet success the week after, with people searching for next year's costume and zero competition.)

The nice thing about flight dates is that you can run the same profitable campaign year after year. Check if the affiliate program is still running and that your links still work. If so, let it run. It's almost like getting recurring revenue on autopilot, once its set up.

Frequency Cap

The frequency cap is how many times any one person will see the same ad. Bing doesn't have this setting, but many WADS like dating sites and retargeting networks do.

The logic is, if they haven't clicked on your ad by the fourth impression, they probably won't click. So if you're paying by the impression, as opposed to the click, set this to three or four times in a day and only once per website they visit. If paying by the click, not the impression, then this setting doesn't matter.

Session Depth

The session depth means how many screen refreshes before your ad won't be seen anymore. How deep you set this depends on the type of website or WADS.

Things like recipes, weather, and news headlines have shallow depth. People usually look at the first few pages before bailing out. They want to get the info and get out. So ads at a deep session depth won't be seen.

Things like video sites, dating sites, forums, social media sites, have a deep session depth. People tend to dig in, watch, research, read comments and stick around the site for a long time. This is when a deep session depth higher than four screen refreshes can still bring good results.

I’m happy to say that I’m now getting 5-10 times more clicks!

Charles Amith

Goal Setting aka Conversion Pixel

No one likes to be retargeted with ads for a product, after they've already bought it. Goal setting prevents that from happening. It's also used once someone takes a desired course of action like filling out a form.

The technology is a usually just a pixel, or bit of code, that gets placed on a thank you page, order confirmation, or landing page. The pixel will ping the retargeting service to stop further advertising. Some WADS will also pass through demographic info about the buyer.

Negative Keywords Upload

The negative keyword list is a very powerful tool. It stops your ad from showing up when people just want to do things like; complain, get advice, get a refund, free samples, the manual, or general information.

These people are not buyers. They are looking for info. Do not pay for those kinds of clicks, unless you actually run a school, provide manuals, or ship free samples.

To get the negative keywords running, search for and download one of the free negative keyword lists, or make your own. You can modify them however you want. Just be sure that each keyword, or phrase is on its own line with a hard return after each one.

Look for the Negative Keyword button in the WADS dashboard. Click it and you'll be provided a text field. Simply copy and paste your negative keyword list into the field and click save.

The art of selling goods is as difficult to acquire as any other art. The proper methods can be acquired only by a multiplicity of actual experiments, and the one who tries the greatest variety of experiments will become, finally, a master of the art.

Thomas Edison

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