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Section 02 - Lesson 13

Use VPN software for competitive analysis.

There are a number of reasons to get VPN software besides anonymous browsing. It stops ISPs from spying and throttling. It prevents getting hacked on public wifi. It prevents censorship and geographical targeting. It provides access to restricted websites and more.

My favorite VPN software, which I've been using for years, is called IPVanish VPN. Its super fast with unlimited bandwidth. It allows simultaneous connections. It has apps for all devices. And it works with all computer operating systems.

VPN software is essential for affiliate marketing. It allows you to view the merchant sales pages for offers outside of your geographical area. For example, if I want to run an offer that's UK only, I won't be able to see the sales page because I'm in Canada. IPVanish allows me to select a UK server to see the sales page.

IPVanish also allows me to see how the ads and competition look in any geographical area. For example, when I search Google I get sent to Google.ca. If I want to see the real USA competition for any offer, I need to select a USA server from IPVanish then go to Google.com.

It's the same deal if you want to run offers in the UK, Australia, India, China, etc. IPVanish makes it appear as though you are actually physically located there. You absolutely need it to see the offers, their sales pages, how your ads look, and know what the real competition is like, before running an offer.

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