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Section 02 - Lesson 04

Follow SEO best practices as you add pages to the websites.

It’s a good habit to do SEO on your webpages as you create them. Many of the SEO factors like site speed, responsive design and mobile optimization, are also important for PPC, because they dramatically increase conversion rates.

In addition, the top ranked pages always feature design elements for readability. That means including a page title, meta description tag, photo, alt tags, H1 headline, H2 subheads and several paragraphs of quality content on each page. All of this is also good for PPC, because it creates a better user experience, which leads to increased trust and more buying customers.

Reverse engineering Google is like trying to reverse engineer cake. You know there's flour, sugar, eggs and butter, but the same ingredients can make hundreds of different cakes. All we have is aggregates upon aggregates of data, that give circumstantial evidence for best practices at best.

Mike Marshall (Former US Patent Adviser on Search Engines)

I’ve seen plenty of affiliate webpages get on the first page of Google and Bing. So like Mike Marshall said in the above quote, follow SEO best practices as you add pages to your website. That way, your pages will fare better than your competition, who do not optimize for the search engines. Then if you do get top rankings its like getting a whole lot of bonus traffic for free.

On of my earliest students, Dr. Andy Williams, went on to become a SEO phenomenon. He has dozens of books published on Amazon and many courses available through Udemy.

What makes Andy a better teacher than most, is his ability to explain the complexities of being a webmaster, in way that anyone can understand. The Udemy courses with videos are especially helpful.

One software tool that Doctor Williams programmed is so essential to SEO, that I (exclusively an Apple user since 1988) bought a new Windows Surface Pro 6 PC just to run it. It’s called Web Content Studio or WCS.

One of my old customers (and now best friends) uses WCS on all his affiliate marketing web pages. For years he’s been ranking highly in Google and Bing for insanely competitive terms like financial services, loans and bank cards. He attributes much of his success to Dr. Williams software.

Technically WCS is a web spider like Google. It extracts knowledge from web pages in a way that mimics human understanding. You may have heard it called; latent semantic indexing, LSI, or simply theming content. But plainly put, WCS tells you the exact content that your webpages need, if you want to have better search engine rankings.

In addition to Dr Andy’s courses and WCS Software, if you want to “SEO as you go” consider subscribing to Planet Ocean's Search Engine News. Never heard of them? That’s because no one ever promotes them. They are the longest running SEO publication on the planet.

Most professional SEOs don’t want you to know about Planet Ocean because it’s their secret information source. And I know that telling you about Planet Ocean is going to upset thousands of SEO practitioners, because if you subscribe to Planet Ocean, you can bypass the SEO agencies and do the SEO yourself.

Yes, there are thousands of other ebooks, websites and courses on how to do SEO. Sadly, many are out of date. Some have tactics that will get your website penalized. Others will get you outright banned, including your PPC account.

So stick with the “white hat” methods that you’ll find in Dr. Andy Williams Udemy courses and software, and the monthly updates in the Planet Ocean newsletter. They are the best “best practices guides” that you can get, the only ones you truly need, and the only ones I recommend worth your time.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work..

Thomas Edison

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