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Section 02 - Lesson 02

Use multisite or grid style hosting for affiliate marketing.

Needless to say, if you're going to have websites, you'll need hosting. Sorry, but landing page services, social media hosting and free social networks are not suitable for serious affiliate marketing. You must have all your pages hosted under your own domain names.

Right now I have several of my websites hosted on Amazon S3 servers. These are static sites that I created and update using Rapidweaver on the Mac. The cost for all of them is just a few dollars a month.

The other websites are Wordpress based using Beaver Builder as my theme and page builder. These sites need PHP and MySQL because Wordpress needs to access the databases. I prefer "grid style" hosting for these, because I can have more than one site on the same account.

Try to avoid "specialized" Wordpress only type hosting. Most have the interface dumbed down so far that you don't have much control over what you can do. Others install so much proprietary software that moving your site can be a nightmare later on.

So why do I use both types of hosting? The Amazon S3 and Rapidweaver combo is used for small affiliate sites, on subject matter that I find boring like jobs, finance and supplements. I had professional freelance writers create the content for me, so I could create landing pages and sell products in those categories.

The Wordpress Beaver Builder combo sites are for larger websites. Some, but not all, have blogs. I’ve written all the content on these ones. They are on topics that I enjoy and know a lot about. I’ll eventually auction them off as complete sites with content, when I decide to retire.

All websites need to be HTTPS, the secure encrypted version of HTTP. At the time of this writing, some browsers show an alert message if the site is insecure. That blows shopper confidence immediately. They click back to the search results and will not visit your site. So having HTTPS is critical now.

The SSL certificate which allows HTTPS is free on Amazon S3 and many hosts. Amazon's SSL is through their CloudFront service. Another called "Let's Encrypt" provides a free SSL certificate that you can install yourself.

Many hosts are adopting the free Let's Encrypt model and making it part of their Cpanel (control panel). All you need to do is click a button and the free SSL installs and automatically renews for you.

So the bottom line is, you'll need several websites. You only need one to start, but having sites in several categories lets you sell many different things. They can be static HTML or dynamic Wordpress sites, but you'll need a host that allows you to set up several domains on one account.

Plus you'll need SSL certificates. But you don't need to pay for them. Any host wanting to charge you for an SSL certificate in this day and age, only has their hand in your wallet and isn't worth having on your team.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Warren Buffett

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