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Section 02 - Lesson 05

How to find and work with freelance writers.

I usually write all my own affiliate marketing content, if I have interest in the topic. However, for boring stuff, or content I know nothing about, I hire professional freelance writers to create content for me. That way, I can create landing pages to sell products in each one of those product categories.

Initially I hired five writers and settled on two. One was a retired teacher with a PhD in history, the other an MBA with a minor in journalism. Both were very affordable, eventually producing articles in the 400-500 word range for about 10 dollars each.

I met them by posting my article writing gig on a freelance site. I paid for a test run of 5-10 articles each, paying their full asking price of 20 dollars per 800 word article.

Once I verified their quality and established a bit of trust, I persuaded them to move off the service to a direct payment method, and a to more personal one to one relationship. I also promised them work, hundreds of short 400 word articles, and was able to negotiate the price down to 10 dollars each.

Although good writers are relatively easy to find, there are a few details that need to be worked out. Things like copyright, structure and payment.

1) You need a contract in writing, signed by the author, specifying copyright assignment and exclusivity, so you literally own what they write. Those two are essential or find another writer.

2) Give the writers a guideline stating how many articles, delivery & payment schedule, number of words & paragraphs, and a mutually beneficial payment system.

3) Provide all the article titles, which are also the topics. Then all they have to do is research and write.

4) Include the HTML structure like H1, H2, etc, and ask the writers to write in-between the HTML code. Then you can simply copy and paste the finished article into your site, automatically getting the H1 headlines and H2 subheaders exactly where you want them.

Good writers know how to research and format an article with an intro, middle and conclusion. They are also very good at plugging in to an existing framework. By leveraging their talent, you can stop working in your business, and spend time working on your business instead.

Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.

Jeffery Gitomer

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