How to Get 1.7 Million Dollars in Just 18 Months

Section 01 - Lesson 01

How to use affiliate programs and the ALOFT PPC advertising system, for fast and easy wealth.

This is All I Do…

Basically I create, design and write advertising. I sell other people's stuff through affiliate programs. I make a commission for every successful conversion. It could be for a sale, a lead, a form filled out, a software download, or something else.

The process is relatively simple as well. I call it the ALOFT Method. It stands for: Ad - Lander - Offer - Followup - Track. It’s the simple PPC strategy for fast and easy wealth!

How fast? In only 18 months, my friend Colin McDougall and I split 1.7 million dollars after all expenses. That’s 1.7 million in take home pay!

Every day I check for new offers on the affiliate networks. I look for products and services that are either brand new, have massive existing markets, sudden national exposure, or lots of fanatics like sports and hobbies.

If I find something I want to advertise, I look at the merchant’s sales page for the product. I try to figure out who wants it, what type of person they are, why they need it, what problems it solves, and how I can tell their story in an emotional way that will make people want to click.

After doing a few minutes of research into the type of persona likely to buy the product, I design and write two types of ads. There are the little text only ones that go on the search engines. There are also the full page ones that act as landing pages to presell the prospect, before they head to the merchant’s sales page.

(If you want to get even more serious, there are a number of marketing strategies to employ. You could create retargeting ads that follow people around. Write a series of email autoresponders. Plus if the product sells like crazy, consider sourcing or creating a product in the same category, and adding an affiliate program of your own.)

However, being lazy, I usually just make the text ads and landing pages. Occasionally, for a hot market, I'll make the display (aka banner) ads. Just those alone made me millions of dollars. Rarely will I go all out and write autoresponders and create products, but that's where the bigger fortunes can be found.

So that's basically all I do. A little research along with creating ads and landing pages. I consider it the grunt work, which usually takes a couple hours of my day.

So pull up a chair, grab a beverage and settle in. I’m handing you everything I've learned by trial and error, since I started my advertising and marketing career back in 1988 and continue to learn to this day. Just take this library of experience and use it.

Make a commitment to keep at it for the next 18 months, and you too can become a wealthy solopreneur and have the financial freedom to do what you want.


Michael W. Campbell
CEO, Cyber Age Media Ltd.

I knew without a shadow of a doubt, that I was receiving help from a guy that would propel my business beyond what I ever thought possible. Thanks to Michael Campbell I now enjoy the lifestyle I always dreamed of. If you want more from your work and your life, then you MUST listen to what Michael has to say. It’s an honest assessment without a hidden agenda.

Colin McDougall

P. S.

Yes, it really is that simple. We made all that money without any fancy tools. No social media! No Facebook! No YouTube! No Amazon! No Google!

There were no big monthly expenses like tracking servers, or keyword research services. No paid competitive intelligence or spying tools. No advertising tactics like native ads or sponsored content.

I was lazy and kept everything as simple as possible. All it took was one major traffic source and a few offers. Yet I still generated 1.7 million dollars in take home pay in just 18 months!

Why not you? Just dig in to find out how. I hand you everything you need to know!

P. P. S.

Disclaimer: I’m a professional graphic designer with a lot of advertising experience, so maybe you won’t make as much money as I did. But I’m sharing ALOFT so that you can make even more money than I did.

Just make a commitment to do it. Dive in and find out how easy it is. Or you can do what you’ve always done. Which path will you choose?

Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.

Henry Ford

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