What You Need to Start

Section 01 - Lesson 04

Things you need to start affiliate marketing.

ALOFT is the money making system which was developed and perfected over a two year period. It's an acronym which stands for (Ad - Lander - Offer - Followup - Track). They are the five main components of the money making system.

In addition to little curiosity, commitment and determination to succeed, this is all you need to start:

A decent computer with internet access.

A few good domain names for selling products.

Website hosting that allows you to set up several sites.

The ability to make pretty web pages for those sites.

Content for the sites that you source or create.

Accounts with several affiliate networks.

Accounts with at least two paid traffic sources.

A click tracking and redirect system. (Paid or free, which I explain later.)

An account with a stock photography company.

An account with a retargeting service. (Optional)

VPN software to change geographical locations.

Some cash - about $500 to start - for paid advertising. (Optional if you already have other traffic sources.)

Then apply the ALOFT method as you observe, research, plan, execute, and adjust course along the way. That's all there is to it.

You don't have to be good to start, but you have to start to get good!

Zig Ziglar

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