Why Affiliate Programs

Section 01 - Lesson 03

Why choose affiliate programs instead of owning a store.

Inventory is a liability, not an asset. With affiliate programs I don’t need employees, a warehouse, packing, shipping, supply chain, etc. I can jump swiftly from one market to another, testing the waters to see what works.

This week’s cash machine might be a sleeping aid that was featured on the Shark Tank TV show. Next week I might be riding the coattails of a nationwide advertising campaign for a reverse mortgage company. Tomorrow I might set up a campaign for a non stick cookware set, that was featured on a late night 30 minute infomercial.

Do you see what I mean? Affiliate marketing lets you jump into the middle of an existing revenue stream and capitalize on fads, trends, celebrity endorsements, recalls, news, hobbies, plus any type of new product or service.

Why on earth would anyone want the limitations of a physical retail store, or online warehouse, and be stuck with inventory, shipping, returns, customer service, etc, etc? Yuck! It’s way too much work! And you don’t need any of it to make a lot of money using the ALOFT Method.

The less crap you put up with from other people, the happier you'll be.

Mike Rowe the Dirty Jobs Host

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