Create More Ads and Groups

Section 05 - Lesson 01

Simple tweaks can make the campaign profitable.

By now you have at least one ad group with two ads in it. Now go back to the Log Sheet inside your campaign's Docket Folder on your computer for more ads.

You would have written them back in the pre-campaign research phase. If you remember back to the example, it was for a fictional product called Happy Sleep. Only the first ad group - Insomnia Treatment (Group 1) - was set up with two ads in it to start, because the goal was to get first mover advantage. Now go and create the rest of the ad groups and place at least two equally rotating ads in each one.

Insomnia Treatment (Ad Group 1)

Sleeping Aids (Ad Group 2)

Fall Asleep (Ad Group 3)

Sleep Better (Ad Group 4)

Happy Sleep (Ad Group 5)

If the merchant's sales page starts converting, it may be a good idea to expand the campaign. In the case of Happy Sleep, it may be a good idea to get some articles written about the various sleep inducing ingredients, including inositol GABA, valerian root, melatonin, etc. Each could become its own landing page where you advertise Happy Sleep.

Michael Campbell has outstanding marketing knowledge with unique insights. He generously shares his expertise with others and is genuinely interested in, and committed to, advising others on how to achieve success.

Sue Chappel Ph.D.

If an ad and lander are getting within 20% of breaking even, study the merchant's sales page more closely. Tweak your ad and lander so that the persona, language, photo, colors and attitude are more in alignment with it. Pause the ads converting the least and keep writing new ads to compete with your best ones.

Something that works wonders with landing pages, is making their stock photos and headlines thematically related to each individual ad group. If you use a template based system, it can be very easy to do.

For example, the landing page for Insomnia Treatment Group 1, has a photo of a frustrated woman, pulling on her hair, while sitting on the edge of her bed. I will agree with the pain and frustration, while positioning the Insomnia Treatment as the solution to the problem.

For Group 2 Sleeping Aids, I load the template, swap out the headline with the Group 2 one Sleeping Aids. I then drop in a new photo of a woman fast asleep, in a dark room, with a slight smile on her face. In this case I am showing the end result she will have, the peace and happiness of a good night sleep. I position the product as way to bring such wonderful happy sleep to the reader.

Promise me every advertisement you create will sell one benefit only. If you have five important benefits to talk about, that’s five different ads. Anything less renders your marketing invisible.

Terry O’Reilly

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