Advanced ALOFT Strategies

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Now go double, triple, or even quadruple your profits.

So what do you do after ALOFT is up and running? There's plenty more you could do. This page briefly describes some of the advanced ideas that led to increased revenues.

Set Up a Retargeting Service

Almost all the WADS have retargeting. (Google calls it remarketing.) It can easily generate 40% more revenue from your affiliate marketing efforts.

Get the retargeting code from at least two sources. Copy and paste it into your Wordpress theme or website builder, and start building those retargeting lists.

Create Your Own Display Ads

If you use the same display ads as everyone else, you become invisible. That's because the Broca's area in your brain is very good at filtering out the predictable. Creating your own display ads means that you'll stand out, be unique and get noticed.

Create the ads in standard IAB sizes using stock photos and the headlines from your PPC ads. Then start running them to your retarget audience. You can also put them in the sidebars and throughout your website content.

Start Advertising on More WADS

Some people advertise with deep session depths on the dating sites and are very successful. Some do five-second videos on YouTube. Others master Facebook, doing dark posts into the news feeds. I like to use Bing.

The trick is to add one WADS at a time and master it, before moving on to another. You only need a few major traffic sources to make a lot of money.

Search For New Markets

Once you have one website set up, do another in a different category. The markets that convert the best have a sense of urgency to them. The more urgent the need, the greater the desire to satisfy that need. I'm talking finances, employment, relief, and methods that help people start or stop something.

Look into needs like vanity, virility, youth, status, cleanliness, health, well being, safety, love, companionship, belonging, certainty, sleep. But also take a look at hobbies, sports, and special interests. Basically anything in the Wikipedia list of magazines has a strong enough base.

Keep Creating Website Content

As you find new markets, you'll need to create content. All it takes are 20-30 well written articles, and the mandatory legal pages, before you can start applying to affiliate networks and apply for offers.

All the rest of the pages on your website will be hidden landing pages. Remember that landing pages can lead into the rest of your site containing the articles, but the site should never link back to the landing pages.

Two Tier Affiliate Programs

A two tier program pays commission to the affiliate who makes the sale, and an additional smaller commission to the person who told the affiliate about the program. A good example of a two tier program is the AWeber email marketing service.

If you sign up to sell AWeber using my affiliate link, I will make a small recurring commission for every one you sell. It doesn't cost you anything, because AWeber pays us both. Two tier programs can bring residual income for years.

Survey Your Clickers

My friend set up a lander with a simple form, then took out a PPC ad. It only had one question, "What is your greatest challenge when it comes to weight loss?" He got over 4,000 emails in two days.

Imagine all that intel, input into a survey like Survey Monkey, then sorted into two and three word phrases. He got instant bullet points and content for his landers that he milked for years to come. Sometimes all you need to do is ask.

Subscribe to an Ad Spying Service

If you want to see what other affiliates are doing, subscribe to a service that monitors the competition. Two of the most popular are WhatRunsWhere and AdBeat. Either tool makes it easy to spy on your competitor's campaigns so you can replicate their success.

One of my favorite free tools - when it's working - is Redirect Detective. It allows you to see the hops that a link takes, from ad click to destination. Just copy the destination link from any ad and paste it in. You'll see the affiliate, landing page, affiliate network, merchant, click tracking servers, when cookies get dropped and by whom.

Create PDF Downloads

Giving away a free one page checklist in PDF format is an easy way to set retargeting cookies. You can then sell items mentioned in, or related to, the content in the PDF. Or you can try to upsell them on a $39.95 ebook that you wrote.

On the other edge of the spectrum are 20 page PDF brochures created by a travel and cruise affiliates. Each tourist destination has its own beautiful, professionally written travel guide. Throughout each publication there are affiliate links for accommodation, airfare, cruises, luggage, attractions, food and more.

Start Email Marketing

Email marketing is alive and well. It adds another tool to your affiliate marketing toolbox. If you use a long established double opt-in service like AWeber, you'll get high deliverability on all your communications. It lets you develop long term personal relationships with your audience.

I wrote a newsletter called "Internet Marketing Secrets" for 15 years. At its peak, I had 18,000 dedicated readers. Each was worth $4.00 per year. I'll let you do the math. But it was pretty good revenue for something that took five days of research and writing per month to do.

Create an Autoresponder Course

Along the same lines as email marketing is an auto responder series. Many affiliates set up courses that last eight to ten weeks, sending out one email per week. Everything is set up in advance, so every subscriber starts with email number one and AWeber handles sending out the weekly content.

Another useful idea is a series of "remorse removers" email every two or three days. These are usually created to help new customers. To just "check in" and see how they're doing. To ask if they have any questions, or comments about the product. It's such a simple thing, but it keeps the customer happy and makes them feel more loyal to your brand.

Make Videos & Syndicate Content

Extreme syndication is something I coined and created back in 2007. It lets you do the work once and present it in four different mediums. You get a video for YouTube, a podcast for iTunes, a downloadable PDF and fresh website content. Here's how it works…

Do a talking head video with few slides. Extract the audio from the video and make it into a podcast. Get a transcript of the audio done and make it into a downloadable PDF. Then finally take the transcript and post it as fresh content on your website. Do the work once and get four times the value.

Create Your Own Product

If you've been promoting a product for a while and it converts well, you might be tempted to create your own. Some of my friends doing supplements have set up their own labs, factories and fulfilment centers. But that is a little extreme if you're lazy like me.

A more realistic goal is to create an ebook on a topic that you know a lot about. It's very easy to make a PDF and sell it on your website through PayPal, Stripe or Clickbank. Plus you can add affiliate links in the book for recurring back end sales.

Start Your Own Affiliate Program

If you create your own ebook, the easiest way to make more money, is to set up your own affiliate program. That way, instead of a salesforce of one (that would be you), it's easy to scale up and get hundreds of people selling for you.

The easiest affiliate program of all, is to sell your product through Clickbank or Amazon. The affiliate program is built in. Other affiliate program management systems include Wordpress plugins, or stand alone software that you install yourself.

Set Up a Private Site for Continuity

A membership site is a great way to make recurring income. If you're passionate something, and darn good at it, there are many people that could benefit from your expertise. If you had a private site charging $97 a month and had 100 members, it's a pretty good gig.

Setting up a private membership site can be as easy as installing a Wordpress plugin. Most of them offer recurring billing, membership management, drip feeding of content, upsells, down sells, community discussions and everything else in-between.

Start a Second Company

It is pretty easy to set up a new company. It's two hundred dollars and takes about 10 minutes. It can be done online while sitting at home in pyjamas.

Now you can go compete with yourself. So instead of having just one set of ads running on the search engine, or WADS, now you can have two.

If you do it right, the first company can have the number one spot in the search results. The second company locks down the number two spot. What you get are a lot more clicks. Double the revenue in some markets.

I’m president of my own non profit foundation now, but as an ex-internet marketer who made his fortune with affiliate marketing (and ex-client of yours) turned philanthropist, I still subscribe to all your great ideas. You are the embodiment of the more you give, the more you get, which is the philosophy of our foundation.

John Curtin

Don’t tell me how good you make it. Tell me how good it makes me when I use it.

Leo Burnett

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