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Dear Mr. Campbell, your training has been extremely important in attracting new customers. I highly recommend you, and your amazing marketing skills, to anyone who wants more website traffic.

Zeny Manalo

I used your affiliate marketing strategies and was able to attain top rankings on Google. I've been making steady income and I owe you a huge thanks. I bought a big house in Florida and recently moved there, all off affiliate income. Not bad for a truck driver!

Chuck W.

Michael, what you are doing is phenomenal! People lives are changing over night because of you. Writing this brings a tear to my eye because I know my life will be forever changed because of you.

Al Gibson

Michael is one of the few marketing experts that I trust and respect. I know that I can rely on his business advice for all my pivotal decisions.

Nial Roche

About Michael W. Campbell

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Michael W. Campbell, CEO
Cyber Age Media Ltd.

Author of:
Nothing but 'Net
Clickin' it Rich
The PPC Action Plan
Affiliate Revenue Secrets
How to "Theme Up" Websites
Search Engine Positioning
Keyword Marketing Method
Revenge of the Mininet
Goobert Social Media
Advertise & Profit Like Crazy
The Ultimate Heat Map
The Uncovery
Color Persuasion
Business Typology
Internet Marketing Secrets

Produced works and worked for: Dynamic Media, Dentsu America, Quebecor, Dairyland, Intermedia Press, CellWest, Outward Bound, BC Hydro, Spectrum Signal Processing, Lighten Up Productions, PromoMedia, Active MarketPlace, Roland Musical Corporation, Office Depot, and hundreds more. Michael W. Campbell has also performed over 5,500 phone consultations since 1994 with entrepreneurs, small business owners and people like you.

If you want to improve your conversion rate, but don't want to waste time and money through trial and error testing, follow Michael W. Campbell's advice. He's never failed to improve my client's sales, or increase their advertising revenues.

Sherman Hu

Michael W. Campbell was a bartender, musician and recording engineer in Vancouver BC Canada during the 1970s and 80s. After receiving a degree in graphic design he started in advertising, producing creative works for global ad agencies and media companies. Marketing online since 1988 (pre internet days) he is regarded as a digital advertising pioneer, having invented many of the processes still in use today. He has authored hundreds of books and newsletters on internet marketing and is internationally recognized as a leading expert, with an insatiable curiosity for all things advertising, marketing and design.

I'm up to 892 visitors per day in just six weeks! Not bad for spending a few minutes a day - and I'm only using about half of your recommendations so far. It's amazing how well your advice works and how much fun it is too.

Jonni Good

Michael Campbell’s marketing strategy has enabled us to attract a large audience for our site and this has indeed been of great benefit to our company. We enthusiastically and without reservation recommend Mr. Campbell's strategies, because he is the best internet marketing professional we have had the opportunity to work with.

John P. Mooney

If you are serious about generating traffic to your web site, we highly recommended Michael Campbell. His knowledge and methods have put us at the top of the search engines for our most important search terms. Need we say more!

Ian Degarnham

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